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Magnetic Flash Gel Thick 30g


Magnetic Flash Gel Thick 30g



“A very flexible gel that is available in two distinct viscosities”

Flash Gel:
 -  Very flexible gel
 -  Medium (thin) and high (thick) viscosity
 -  Available in clear
 -  Great adhesion also on problem nails
 -  Mostly used on the natural nail or over tips.

Cure: 1 minute in LED or 2 minutes in UV

Tip: Flash Gels offer the strongest adhesion even on problematic nails. You can create the whole nail with Flash Gel but you can also use Flash Gel only as the first adhesion layer.

How to: Flash Gels have a high shear, which means that they only self-level when you “work” the gel. Making small rotations with the brush during the application will ensure the self-leveling. When you stop these circular motions the gel will stop self-levelling. When you are used to this technique and this gel you will be in complete control!