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Magnetic Builder Gel White 50g

“The crystal clear gel that can be used to sculpt or to create inlay designs with”

Standard Builder Gel:
 -  Identical to Standard gel
 -  Medium low viscosity, syrup like consistency
 -  Crystal Clear
 -  Milky White
 -  Opaque Pink
 -  Suitable on natural nails, tips and on forms
 -  Can be pinched
 -  Extreme self-leveling
 -  Great for the “no Filing” technique
 -  Can be buffed to a high shine
 -  For use on normal and hard natural nails

Cure: 1 minute in LED or 2 minutes in UV

Tip: Standard Builder Gel is extremely clear and the best choice when you want to make inlay design. The medium low viscosity makes the application very easy. 

How to: Apply a first thin adhesion layer and cure. Apply a second thin layer and take additional gel to sculpt the arch in the nail. Give the gel some time to self-level and the result is beauty without the need for filing!