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Gelpolish Base / Top 15 ml


Gelpolish Base / Top 15 ml


This is a 2 in 1 gel, which can be used as a base gel and as a top gel within the Gelpolish System.
As well this gel can be used by itself to strengthen the natural nail and give it a beautiful shine.


The Base & Top Gel has a medium low viscosity and comes in a bottle.
You apply it direct with the brush on the nail.


Base & Top Gel takes 30 seconds to cure in the LED light and 2 minutes in the UV light.
When you use it as a base you can use a shorter curing time. When you use it as a top gel, let the gel cool when it comes out of the lamp before removing the sticky layer. This will benefit the shine.


The Base & Top Gel attaches well to every nail type and to every type of gel.


Base & Top is a flexibel top gel that does not crack easily.

UV Filter:

The Base & Top Gel does not contain a UV filter making it more suitable to use over dark gelpolishes and less suitable to use in the summer. The gel does not give off a blue haze making it perfect for dark colors. Use the Soak Off Top Gel if you want to seal a light color.

Mey’s Tip:

Use the Base & Top Gel over dark colors to keep the colors true.

Problems and causes:

Because the Base & Top Gel comes in a bottle it’s important to shake the bottle reguarly or roll it in your hands. So that the ingredients stay well mixed with each other. If the botlle has been standing for a long time the ingredients can seperate from each other, resulting in a dull finish or dull spots.
The gel can also become more poreous making it more susceptible to discoloring. For example with the use of make-up or clothing with dark coating.

If you use the Base & Top to strengthen the natural nail apply at least 2 layers.

The Base & Top Gel and the Soak Off Top Gel are actually identical to each other.
But the Base & Top Gel does not contain a UV filter and the Soak Off Top Gel does.