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Magnetic Supreme Finish 15 ml 104008


This ultra super shiny top gel doesn’t have a sticky layer after curing.


Supreme Finish Top Gel has a low viscosity and therefore comes in a bottle with a brush. You apply the gel directly on the nail with the brush.


Supreme Finish Top Gel cures 1 minute in the LED and 2 minutes in the UV. Let the top gel cool down after curing, before applying the cuticle oil. This will prevent the top gel becoming dull.


Use Supreme Finish Top Gel over hard gels or acrylic. The top gel is too hard to use over flexible gels or over Gelpolish on natural nails, the top gel can break or start cracking. The Supreme Finish doesn’t contain adhesion properties. Therefore during application be careful not to touch the natural nail because the Supreme Finish will start lifting.


Supreme Finish is NOT flexible and shall break when applied over a flexible base.

UV filter:

Supreme Finish Top Gel contains a high UV Filter, making it very suitable to use over Acrylic French Manicure Nails.

Mey’s Tip:

Pay attention not to apply any Supreme Finish on the natural nail during application because lifting will occur.

Problems and causes:

Supreme Finish always has to be applied to a dust free nail. Any dust left behind will cause an irregular surface after curing.

Shake the Supreme Finish bottle before use or roll between your hands, so that all the ingredients stay well mixed. If you don’t do this the ingredients will separate and the nail can become dull instead of shiny after curing.

Supreme Finish is very hard making it longer scratch free!