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Magnetic Supreme Finish Diamond Dust 15ml  104151

Item No. 104151

A beautiful top gel with a silver sparkle, giving natural nails and Babyboom nails something special!


The glitters give the Diamond Dust a higher viscosity.


Diamond Dust has to cure 1 minute in the LED and 2 minutes in the UV. The top gel doesn’t have a sticky layer. Let the top gel cool down after curing before applying the cuticle oil, this will prevent the top gel becoming dull.


Diamond Dust can be used over any type of product; gel, acrylic and Gelpolish on natural nails. If the base is very flexible apply 2x thin layers of Diamond Dust instead of 1x thick layer, to prevent cracks.


Diamond Dust is reasonably flexible and can be used over Gelpolish on natural nails, apply the gel in 2x layers.

UV Filter:

Diamond Dust contains a normal level UV Filter, any discoloration is less noticeable because of the glitters.

Mey’s Tip:

Diamond Dust is beautiful over a Babyboom, the fine shimmer gives live to the Babyboom Nail, in a unique way.


Problems and causes:

Shake the bottle well before use or roll it between your hands, so that all the ingredients stay well end evenly mixed, the glitters tend to fall to the bottom.

If the Diamond Dust has cracked then the top gel is too hard for the clients nail. Solve this by strengthening the natural nail or apply 2x thin layers of Diamond Dust , instead of 1x thicker layer.