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Magnetic Magic Shine 15ml 104152

Item No. 104152

The top gel to accentuate your pigments, a magical shine and the perfect protection.


The Magic Shine has a medium viscosity and comes in a bottle with a brush, so you can apply the gel with ease.


The curing time for the Magic Shine depends on the effect you want to achieve with the pigments.
When you want to polish in your pigments for an overall smooth, shiny effect then you have to shorten the curing time. In general the guideline is 50% of the total curing time (1 minute in LED and 2 minutes in UV). If the lamp is new then the curing time is even less, sometimes 3 seconds will do. Especially when you have a new ‘Twinlight’. Therefore always test to see which curing time is ideal for your lamp.


Magic Shine is a top gel and after curing it for 50% of the curing time, you can apply the pigment with the applicator of your choice. Remove the excess pigment with a soft brush and cure the remainder 50%, this will fixate the pigment. Then apply one more layer of Magic Shine and cure completely.
This will protect the pigment and give a beautiful shine.


Magic Shine has an average flexibility.

UV Filter:

Magic Shine has a normal UV filter and the color is steadfast.

Mey’s Tips:

Test the correct curing time with your lamp to ensure a beautiful result.

Problems and causes:

If you cannot correctly polish the pigment into the Magic Shine then you probably have cured the gel too long. Which makes the gel non-poreus and therefore the pigment cannot be absorbed properly.

Polish the pigment immediatley into the nail after it comes out of the lamp.
The warmth of the gel is needed to let the pigment melt into the Magic Shine.

Do you have clients where little corners of the Magic Shine break off?
Then this is because of the pigment you have used. You can avoid this by applying a tiny bit of Soft Bond Primer after the pigment has been fixated. Then the last layer of the Magic Shine will adhere perfectly. Don’t brush too much with the Soft Bond Primer to prevent the pigment coming loose from the base layer of the Magic Shine.


There are different tools you can use to polish the pigments into the Magic Shine:

Ombre & Pigment Tool (176078)
This tool is double sided and has replacable Soft Sponge Heads (176079).
Not only compatable with pigments but also with gelpolish and paint to create an ombre effect.

Magic Pigment Brush (176042)
Has a smaller application head making it easier to work around the cuticle area.
This tool also has replacable head pieces (176077), clean the heads by using a lint roller.

Pigment Brush with Dotting Tool (176077)
Is a brush with a dotting tool. You do not use this brush when you are working with the Magic Shine but when you want to apply the pigments in the sticky layer of a normal top gel.