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Magnetic Flex & Shine 15ml

Item No. 104153

The Flex & Shine Top Gel is a flexible gel without a sticky layer, and it’s suitable over every artificial nail. The finish is durable and has an extremely high shine.


Flex & Shine has a medium low viscosity and comes in a bottle with a brush.


Flex & Shine has to cure 1 minute in the LED or 2 minutes in the UV.
Let the nail cool a little bit before applying the cuticle oil to prevent the nail turning dull.


You can use Flex & Shine over every artificial product; gel, acrylic and gelpolish.
If the under layer is very flexible like gelpolish then apply two thin layers instead of one thicker layer.
This will prevent cracks and breaking. Use Flex & Shine only over artificial products and not directly on the natural nail.


Flex & Shine is reasonably flexible and can be used over gelpolish on the natural nails, apply two thin layers.

UV Filter:

Flex & Shine has a high UV filter and is non-poreus therfore the colors are longer steadfast.
The colors are well protected against discoloring of the sun.

Mey’s Tip:

If your client has flexible nails then seal a few nails with the Flex & Shine first to test if the top gel is not to hard for over the artificial nail.

Problems and causes:

If your client comes back with cracks in the width of the nail then the Flex & Shine is probably too hard. You can strengthen the nail and resolve this problem by applying two thin layers of Flex & Shine. Often an extra Base & Top layer as base under the gelpolish can also help this problem.

The Flex & Shine finish stays scratch free for a long time and has a high shine if you let the nails rest a bit when they come out of the lamp. The cooling down of the Flex & Shine will make the surface harder and shinier.