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Seal and Protect 130007


Seal and Protect

Item No. 130007
Seal & Protect provides a permanent connection between the keratin cells of the natural nail. Creates extreme adhesion for all artificial nail products and makes the natural nail stronger.

To protect the natural nail:
  - Apply 2-3 layers on the natural nail for strengthening.
  - Can be offered as a stand-alone nail strengthening treatment for a big client base.
  - Forms an insoluble layer inside the upper layers of the natural nail, making it stronger and protected against solvents, water and other external influences.

To recover damaged nails visibly:
  - Apply 2-3 layers on the natural nail.
  - The keratin layers are attached to each other thereby the nails improve visible.
  - Ideal for splitting nails.

For extreme adhesion:

  - Apply one layer Seal & Protect and cure.
  - After using Seal & Protect each acrylate attaches better, because the upper layers of the natural nail partly exist of acrylates. After the residue is removed with a dry Nailwipe, any nail product can be applied.

To attach lifted parts:
  - Clean the nail with Prep & Wipe and let dry.
  - Apply Seal & Protect and let it seep between the lifted part of the artificial nail and the natural nail.
 - Remove excess Seal & Protect and cure for 2 minutes in UV.
  - The artificial nail is now reattached.

How do you use Seal & Protect?
  - Clean hands with Hand Cleanser.
  - Push back cuticles.
  - Remove Pterygium.
  - File the natural nail dull (not necessarily).
  - Clean and dehydrate the natural nail with Prep & Wipe.
  - Apply Seal & Protect. Make sure to stay away from the cuticle area and sidewalls. Cure each layer 2 minutes in uv* and remove residue with a dry Nail Wipe after curing each layer so also if several layers are needed.

Important: When removing the residue of Seal & Protect use a dry clean Nailwipe and use firm pressure, pay extra attention at the cuticle area and sidewalls